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The Cassibba Trasporti & Logisticawas established in the Hyblaean territory in 2004.

The concrete need to represent itself as a hard-working and fast-growing company, especially in the last decades, does not exclude a solid family structure that has, simultaneously, two generations in command, who lead with the same intense passion, a shared economic entrepreneurial strategy.

Very well run by the founding father, the famous pilot Giovanni Cassibba, well known to car racing fans, several times national champion of crono-race category, where many people have seen him zigzagging in the most beautiful mountains of Italy, together with his three children who lead a qualified staff, always ready to respond to the needs of clients and work constantly to develop new solutions and proposals.

The family passion for trucks has always been at the center of this company, it has its roots since the 50s, when Giovanni Cassibba’s father, Salvatore, started a small transport business, dedicated above all to the handling of local products.

These were the years of the economic boom, when the demands for exchanges of goods was increasing and Salvatore, endowed with spirit of initiative and adventure, attempted his luck by investing his savings in the purchase of his first truck … and the roads became his companions in life.

An activity with a thousand risks: bad roads, no means of communication, no limit of driving hours, no supporting logistics, only a lot of good will and a great desire to do well.

On board his Om Super Taurus he spent nights and days to deliverthe goods to their destination and,despite the countless difficulties in reaching the most inaccessible destinations, Salvatore has always successfully concluded the transport entrusted to him.

The constant trust given by the clients allowed him in the 60s to buy a new truck, Fiat 642 R65, with better performances,that allowed him to improve the quality of transport. He was little more than a boy when Salvatore’s son, Giovanni, began to accompany his father on his travels.

Kilometer after kilometer Giovanni learns the secrets of his father’s business, begins to drive the first trucks and matures the idea of ​​carrying out transports over the strait.

After the military service in 1973 waiting for him there is a new Fiat 691, purchased by his father, more and more convinced of his son’s strong motivation to enter the world of transport, thus placing the first piece for what will become the Cassibba Trasporti & Logistics.

Within a few years, the figure of Giovanni strongly established in the transport field, running a cooperative of transporters and immediately starting his own business, opening an office near the historic Fonte Diana square in Comiso.

The daily commitment, the spirit of sacrifice, the total dedication to his work, transmitted by Salvatore, has allowed Giovanni, thanks to the tenacity, courage, will and constant commitment, to give life to the Cassibba Trasporti & Logistica Srl.

 Initially connecting just Italy, subsequently

In 60 years of activity the companyhas become partner of severalcompanies, both Italian and foreign, with which it has established a solid relationship of trust.